About Us

Step 2 Step Coaching Institute
Step to Step Coaching Institute is a lead study zone for students located in Khatipura Mod, Jaipur. The aim or goal of the institute is to create such an ambience and whole milieu where budding aspirants may actualize their potential to the fullest extent. In their success lies our existence. Success, not merely confined to competitive examinations (PCM, PCB, Phy., Chem., Math`s, Bio., Accounts, Economics, B.st., Science., English, Social Science, Up to VIII: All Subjects, Navodaya, Military, English Spoken etc), is the guiding force whereby today’s aspirants become tomorrow’s citizens. Not only aspirants but our faculty members also have an opportunity to grow as well when they strive to transform themselves. The process of growth and the journey of excellence never stop anywhere.

Besides, the student, with a firm eye on a career, Insight Education also welcomes the serious amateur with a discerning eye and a creative mind, who is willing to devote the time and effort. Insight Education appreciates the skills owned by the students but the teaching philosophy at Insight Education is that, the institute takes it a duty to see that students have the requisite knowledge and confidence.

Students are taught all the skills they require. However, our ideal is not so much to teach a student, as to help him learn. The most important qualities imparted through Insight Education approach are the abilities to think independently and holistically. We promote the idea of innovation and to learn through creative exploration and experimentation. No exam result can depend solely on an institute or its faculty.