IX - X (Science, Math, English, Social Study)

IX- X also known as Secondary classes. Secondary education is the phase in the education continuum responsible for the development of the young during their adolescence, the most rapid phase of their physical, mental and emotional growth. we also help to increase their confidence and concentration.

Step 2 Step Coaching Center, Khatipura Mod, Jaipur is a coaching institute in jaipur for class sixth to class tenth for maths, science and english of cbse and rbse. For class eleventh to class twelth for csience subjects.

Our Features

  • 7 Days Per Week Class Frequency.
  • 3 Hours of Classes Per day.
  • Revision of Classes are Arranged Regulariy.
  • CCTV Secure Campus.
  • Conveyance Facility Availabie.
  • Smart Class Rooms.
  • PTM Organised Quarterly.
  • Class Test

    DAY v to VIII IX to X XI to XII Commerce
    1st Sunday Maths Sci.,Eng. Phy. Acco.
    2nd Sunday Off Off Off Off
    3rd Sunday Sci.,Eng. Maths,S.st. Chem.,Bio. Eco.,B.st.
    4th Sunday Doubt Class Doubt Class Maths Doubt Class

    Note: Class Tests are Used to identify week areas of student in each Subject based on which revision classes are planned.

    Smart Notes

    For Every Topic Taught an Enhanced and Structured Set of Note is Given for Dynamic Revision.